New Children's Book About Music and Colors of the Rainbow

Stephan Earl Releases Music Is a Rainbow

PEMBROKE PINES, FL, SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 - Music Is a Rainbow by Stephan Earl (published by SearlStudio Kids), associates sounds with the colors of the rainbow for children 0 to 3 years old.

Music and rainbows capture the joy and imagination of the human spirit. It’s no coincidence that there are seven notes of the musical scale and seven colors of the rainbow. With pitch-perfect rhymes and colorful illustrations, Music Is a Rainbow makes a whimsical connection between sound and color.

“Indigo notes have darker tones, like owls at night making hoots and moans. Violet notes sound like butterfly wings, whisking through gardens and watery springs.”

“Infants and toddlers are learning everyday about sounds and color. I wanted to create a fun rhyming story that ties the two together,” says Stephan.

Parents can also associate each color within the story with notes from the solfège scale: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO.

>>Full PDF Press Release
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