COMING SOON! Kayla & Eli Hear Music at the Zoo

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Join Kayla and Eli on a zootastic musical adventure and experience the zoo as you never have before.

During their first trip to the city zoo, Kayla and Eli become amazed by all the wonderful sights and sounds. Before long, they notice that the sounds coming from the enclosures resemble the sounds of musical instruments.

"Zip splat zip to the bee bo bee!  I make the sound of a trumpet and my name is Ernie."

Written with a jazzy rhyming flow, Kayla & Eli Hear Music at the Zoo tells a magical story that will have you singing along and tapping your feet!

Ages 3-6

Additional features: FREE music download

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Alex Acayen knew from the time he was very young that he wanted to be an artist. Drawing since the age of 6, he loved to watch cartoons as a kid and draw many of the cartoons he watched. Aside from illustrations, Alex is also a character animator and has animated for Disney TV series including Aladdin and Buzz Light year of Star Command.
Alex has a beautiful wife Juness and two young active boys named Jireh and Josef who also loves to draw, from whom he gets most of his inspiration. He is from San Juan City, Manila Philippines.